Accoustic Sound Insulation

Earthwool glasswool insulation

Sound Absorbing Acoustic from KNAUF


Cost-effective acoustic barrier for cost-efficient construction.

50 Year Warranty from KNAUF Insulation.

R Value: 

Up to R2.6


Easy, no special tools or clothing required.


  • 14kg/m³ SEGMENT 1160 x 580 50mm Thick/Loft 25.57m² Pack

  • 14kg/m³ SEGMENT 1160 x 600 50mm Thick/Loft 26.45m² Pack

  • 14kg/m³ SEGMENT 1160 x 580 75mm Thick/Loft 16.15m² Pack

  • R2.6 SEG 1160 x 430 90mm Thick/Loft 6.89m² Pack

  • R2.6 SEG 1160 x 580 90mm Thick/Loft 9.42m² Pack



Earthwool glasswool insulation internal wall products reduce unwanted noise from outside and also limit sound transmission from room to room or office to office.

GreenStuf Polyester

Acoustic Sound Solution


Ceiling Insulation - non-irritant and non-allergenic

R Value: 


STC Value:

STC43 - In a standard 90mm wall with standard Gib on either side.


Easy, no special tools or clothing required.


  • Sound Pads 1160 x 580mm 90mm Thickness 11.4m² Bales

  • Sound Blanket (430)*5 Rolls 90mm Thickness 25m² Bales


Well planned and correctly installed GreenStuf Sound Solution will reduce noise from room to room.

50 year durability standard.

Autex Sound Solution

Composition Acoustic Wall Coverings


High performance decorative acoustic interior wall fabric, designed to manage reverberated noise and create stunning interiors.

Use for theatres, offices, kids bedrooms, music rooms.



Easy to fit, no special tools or clothing required.


  • 1.22m x 25m roll form

  • 10-12mm nominal thickness

  • 600mm x 600mm peel 'n' stick tiles

  • 6 tiles per pack (2.16m²)

  • 10-12mm nominal thickness

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Composition acoustic wall covering comes in 35 fashionable colours, made from 100% polyester fibre, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

UV stabilised and resistant to fading, safe non-irritant and non-toxic and approved by the Australian asthma association.  It will not absorb moisture or breakdown over time providing long-term stability and performance.

Pin, staple and hook & loop receptive allowing composition to be used as a display board.

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