Introducing the new ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

The ANZ Good Energy Home Loan top up allows customers to top up their ANZ Home Loan to access a low, 3 year fixed rate to start their journey to a more energy efficient home.

What does the ANZ Good Energy Home Loan cover?
ANZ customers can top up their home loan up to $80,000 at a special low rate for the following upgrades:
• Renewable Energy upgrades – solar panels and solar batteries
• Clean Transport upgrades – hybrid and electric vehicles and EV chargers
• Energy efficiency upgrades – heat pumps, home insulation, double glazing and ventilation
• Water upgrades - rainwater tanks

What documentation do customers need to provide?
• For solar panels and solar batteries: a quote provided by a company that’s a member of the Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand (SEANZ), and an installation date.
• For hybrid and electric vehicles: a purchase agreement from a registered motor vehicle trader.
• For all other solutions: a quote for both the supply and installation from a company that supplies and installs the solution as a normal part of their business. We’ll also require an installation date.

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